Premier Nappies

Five reasons why thinner is better

Our new ultra-thin nappies are less than half as thick as traditional nappies – thanks to the revolutionary Drylock manufacturing technology.

But why are ultra-thin nappies so much better? Here are five reasons to be as excited as us about the upcoming launch of Premier Ultra-Thin:

1 – Comfort

Feel your baby again! Our new ultra-thin nappies are more comfortable for both parents and babies. You’ll be amazed at just how different it feels to hold your baby when nappies aren’t thick and bulky.

2 – Performance

The reduction in thickness doesn’t come at the expense of absorbency. Tests by industry expert Carlos Richer showed that “in terms of overall performance, Drylock is superior to all US-made diapers.” He gave the nappies “a perfect score.”

3 – Less chemicals

Our new ultra-thin nappies are produced using less chemicals than traditional nappies. There is a smaller amount of absorbent polymer used thanks to Drylock’s patented manufacturing technology, which evenly spreads the polymer across the nappies. Plus the nappies are sealed together by ultrasonic bonding rather than glue.

4 – Saving trees

Premier Ultra-Thin nappies are fluffless, which means they don’t use any wood-based cellulose fibre. This is used in traditional nappies for extra absorbency, but it’s not needed in our new range – with no reduction in performance – saving millions of trees each year and avoiding the use of even more chemicals in the treatment of the fibres.

5 – Efficient transport

The vastly reduced size of our new ultra-thin nappies means more can be transported in a smaller space than before. This reduces the environmental impact and saves on transport costs. And of course they also take up less shelf space in both shops and homes!